Michał Macioła
Advanced electronics & IT systems development

2020: Hi. I am Michał Macioła, I am a final year student of Master's degree, Electronics, Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, Warsaw University of Technology. My Bachelor Thesis focused on the construction of a modern isolated DC / DC impulse converters. Master Thesis was a detailed analysis of a high-efficiency class E resonant power amplifier and a design of a half-kilowatt constant power SEPR induction heater, with an innovative microcontroller-based control system. Since 2016, I am involved in the electronics-power industry, being responsible for the whole process of designing new products involving pcb design, embedded software development, EMC compliance testing, business customer service and new solution researches. My work and research interests could best be described with the tags below:

Electrical and Electronic engineering EMC Standards High-Frequency issues μV measurements Heat treatment Full-bridge inverters E class SEPR inverters Wireless devices and protocols C C++ VHDL Java Python Objective-C Assembler MATLAB R SQL PHP Javascript Single and multicore 8-/32-bit microcontrollers FreeRTOS Linux ARM Autonomous peripheral Event System JIRA Git