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Hello. My name is Piotr Kołaczkowski. I am a postgraduate student at the Warsaw University of Technology. It's nice you've come to visit my site.


Currently I do a research on automatic index selection in relational database systems. My main goal is to make the RDBMS more user friendly by adding some autonomic tuning features to it, so that the only thing you must do is to create a database schema and just send the queries. You don't need to bother "Do I need an index on this or that column, or maybe both? And what kind of index?".

Though a lot of research has already been performed on this subject, the existing solutions are still not efficient and robust enough to allow such autonomic operation (and you can easily see that today's database systems are far away from the picture I describe here). The two main problems are: high computational complexity and lack of proper continuous tuning algorithms.

The method I work on, leverages evolutionary search strategy over the space of query execution plans, which is much different than the classical 2-phase heuristics that generate the index candidates first, and then find a good index configuration. The main advantage of my method is the ability to to work as a single, continuous process. The solution can adapt to the current database workload without restarting the computation. You can read more on this subject in my recent publications.

Other Activities

  • Salsa lessons at Salsa Libre.
  • Job at one2tribe as a software architect and designer (and sometimes as a project manager or systems analyst)


You can contact me by e-mail:

  • P.Kolaczkowski (at) ii (.) pw (.) edu (.) pl
  • piotrek (at) one2tribe (.) pl

You can also sometimes reach me in the room 302 in the building of Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, Institute of Computer Science.