02 February 2018
I have uploaded a video about my latest paper “HoloFace: Augmenting Human-to-Human Interactions on HoloLens”, which will be presented at the 2018 IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV'2018). You can read a preprint of the paper on arXiv. The source code is available on GitHub.

20 November 2017
An article in Forbes mentioning our work on LiveScan3D!

The Trillion Dollar 3D Telepresence Gold Mine

“Microsoft’s research teams continue to explore Holoportation, along with several universities, notably Warsaw University in Technology in Poland, where Marek Kowalski and Jacek Naruniec have been developing a Holopresence app, LiveScan3D.”

26 Jul 2017
Today we have presented Deep Alignment Network: a Convolutional Neural Network for Robust Face Alignment on CVPRW 2017, the code is available on GitHub, the presentation and poster are available here.


23 February 2017
Check out my new video on YouTube. It is a demo of our application that allows for streaming and rendering point clouds on a HoloLens.

04 October 2016
I have just published a video about my recent paper, check it out below.

13 June 2016
I have started a 3 month internship at Microsoft Research in Redmond.

09 May 2016
I have posted a video on my YouTube channel about a new lab I prepared for the Mathematics in Multimedia class. I will post the full code for it soon (once all my students are finished with the task).

17 December 2015
I have added a new app to the hobby section. It takes an image of a maze and solves it for you. Works even on very large mazes. You can check out the code on GitHub, or download the compiled version here.

16 October 2015
LiveScan3D - our software for 3D reconstruction using multiple Kinect v2 sensors has finally been published. You can download it from this website as binary or from GitHub as source. You will find its description with a video presenting its capabilities here.

18 June 2015
Another short text about our research has been published on the faculty website (Polish):

29 January 2015
A popular science article about our research has been published on the faculty website (Polish):