LiveScan3D is an open-source system designed for real time 3D reconstruction using multiple Kinect v2 depth sensors simultaneously at real time speed. The produced 3D reconstruction is in the form of a coloured point cloud, with points from all of the Kinects placed in the same coordinate system. Possible use scenarios of the system include:

  • capturing an object’s 3D structure from multiple viewpoints simultaneously (example in video below),
  • capturing “panoramic” 3D structure of a scene (example in video below),
  • increasing the density of a point cloud captured by a single sensor, by having multiple sensors capture the same scene.

In our system each Kinect v2 sensor is connected to a separate computer. Each of those computers is connected to a server which governs all of the sensors. The server allows the user to perform calibration, filtering, synchronized frame capture, and to visualize the acquired point cloud live.

The details of the system are described in one of my articles titled: “LiveScan3D: A Fast and Inexpensive 3D Data Acquisition System for Multiple Kinect v2 Sensors”. Below you will find a poster that accompanies this article.

LiveScan3D is available as source on its website on GitHub and as a set of Windows binaries on its GitHub release page.